Our Leagues

We run three regular leagues at the club throughout the fall, winter and into the spring.  If you are interested please touch base with any of the contacts shown below.

All of the league dates and times are on our events calendar.

Sporter Rifle 

NYS Sporterifle is a postal target competition using 22 cal. rimfire rifles. The shooting position is off-hand standing with the target at 50 feet. The sport is designed so that expensive special equipment is not required. It is possible to be competitive with equipment you may already own. There is a maximum weight limit on scope/gun of 7.5 pounds. Slings or other devices that provide artificial support are not allowed.

Matches are held weekly thoughout the season. A match consists of 3 completed targets with 10 shots per target. Shooters are given 10 minutes to complete each target. The target used is the NRA Official 50 ft. Light Rifle Target A-32. The maximum score per target is 100. A perfect match score is 300 (it does happen!).

Contact Mike Burline e-mail

Steel Plates

Steel plates is a head to head .22 pistol competition to see who can clear the plate rack the fastest.

Contact Ken Friot • e-mail

Bullseye Pistol

Bullseye pistol can be fired with either rimfire (.22) or centerfire pistols.  There are typically three teams each season providing some friendly competition. 


There are three courses of fire

  1. Slow Fire with ten rounds offhand in ten minutes,
  2. Timed Fire with 2 strings of 5 rounds fired in 20 secs each
  3. Rapid fire with 2 strings of 5 rounds fired in 10 secs each. 

Be careful during scoring as some members like to use the .45 scoring plug when they are shooting .22.  Just sayin.

Contact Greg Benincasa • e-mail