Club Rules Reminder

I just wanted to remind club members of a few rules that seem to have been forgotten.

  • Shotguns or center-fire rifles are NOT allowed. Note: Breaking this rule will result in immediate membership cancellation.
  • Guests are NOT allowed to shoot.
  • Be sure that your shots are aimed at the bullet trap. Do not shoot at the ceiling baffles.
  • Turn off all the lights when you leave.

Thank you,

Greg Benincasa, President

Sporterifle League Awards for 2015-2016 Season Announced

The following members of the Paris Gun Club Sporterifle League were recently recognized with the following awards for the 2015-2016 season:

  • Laurie Martin: 1st Rifleman 247
  • Tom Wastowicz: High Male Grand Senior 275.5
  • Chuck Monaghan: Most Improved 244.2 (+28.9)
  • Mike Burline: 3rd High Senior 277.3

Congratulations to all! 

Club Board and Officers for the 2016 Elected

The following members were voted into office for 2016 at our General Membership meeting held on January 12, 2016

President: Greg Benincasa

Vice President: Mike Burline

Secretary: Jeff Evans

Treasurer: Jack Hosp

Board Memeber(1 year): Bruce Kapfer

Board Member(2 year): Ken Friot

Board Member(3 year): Dean Grant

Thank you to this group for volunteering to serve our club and the shooting community.

User Accounts Active

Anyone who had a user account on the old Paris Gun Club Site AND has renewed their membership in the club has been added as an active user to the new site. Those that have not renewed their membership have had their account loaded but blocked. To get your account unblocked you can renew your dues in the club and the account will be unblocked.

All forums are for account holders only to post. Anyone can read the forums.

New website is up and running

This is an updated version of our website. We have migrated to a new package to maintain the site.

We are still working on the overall look and feel of the sight. As you may notice some of the images are not showing properly and that will be fixed soon.

All existing members of the sight that have renewed their membership with the Gun Club will be migrated to this sight within the next couple of days. You will receive an email notice of your new account with instructions to login for the first time and change your password.

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