Fundraising for a New Flagpole and Club Sign

Everyone a local Boy Scout, Kayden Krecidlo has been approved for his plans to install a new flagpole and club sign at our facility. To do this he needs to raise some fund ]s for the project. Here is a letter he has addressed to all club members.

Dear Paris Gun Club members:

My name is Kayden Krecidlo, and I am working on my Eagle Scout project. I chose to do my project with the Paris Gun Club because I strongly feel our 2nd amendment rights are very important. Also, the gun club has been friendly with the Boy Scouts

My project is to purchase and install a 20-foot-tall flagpole. We will also be installing a new larger Paris Gun Club sign, and lighting for the sign. The flagpole will show our patriotic support of our great nation. Also, the sign will promote the gun club as well. I have attached the sketches showing what the completed project will look like.

We estimate that the project will cost about $3000.00 for the materials. Labor will be provided by boy scouts and volunteer adults.

Would you please consider donating towards our project? Checks can be made payable to the Paris Gun Club, also we have a donation box in the meeting room by the sign-in sheet. We expect work to begin by September and hope to have the project complete by December. We appreciate every donation!

If you have any wuestions please contact me at or Mr. Benincasa the club President at

Thank you!

Kayden Krecidlo
BSA Scout Troop 79 Marcy, NY

The full text of Kaydens letter can be found here:


New Website look

As you may have noticed the website has a new look and feel to it.  We have converted to a new software package that gives us more flexibility in handling photos, posts and events.  

As of now there is NO need for any member to have a separate login as all of the information on the site is public by it’s nature.  If the time comes that we need a private portion of the site setup for club members only then we will work with members to allow access to those that need it.

If you see anything that is incorrect on the site or a link that doesn’t work please let me know and I’ll get it fixed.



Jeff Evans


Here is the link to the NYSP web site for recertification of your pistol license as required under the SAFE Act. If your license was issued before January 15, 2013, you are required to complete your recertification before January 31, 2018.

The State Police began mailing out notification letters on January 3rd. There is, however, no guarantee that they have a valid address for all licensees. Even if you do not receive notification, you are still ultimately responsible for completing the recertification process. You will have to repeat this process every 5 years. Upon completion of the certification procedure, you will be given your next “due date.” You can submit your information on line or print out a paper document and submit it by mail. Paper forms are also available at all NYSP locations. While local licensing authorities are not directly involved in the process, they may have the forms available.

PLEASE NOTE: This system does not handle Westchester County, Nassau County, Suffolk County or New York City issued licenses. Each of these jurisdiction’s current procedures still apply.